Given the rapid advancement of technology and its foray into several financial sectors, the preference for operating businesses online is also increasing, as this has become a trend in several areas nowadays. Thus, many companies promoting their offerings must devise a way to reach a wider scope of people and target their specific audiences. This has given rise to a new career in the field: an electronic marketing expert.

Task Coverage

Basically, this individual will be responsible for communicating products and services of a certain business, through various online platforms such as internet based campaigns, in which each measure should reach a specific demographic. He may either oversee the whole endorsement process from initial concept, implementation, and performance monitoring. In some cases, the specialist may also be assigned in a single aspect only, for example, in maintaining social media posts.

Aside from this, an e-marketing professional should also present the metrics to record the total campaign coverage. These data can be generated through the use of software such as Google AdWords which do not only produce but also provide an analysis of collected information. Of course, the profession also entails a quick understanding of the necessary figures and metric systems, as they will be sharing this to the company’s departments.

Also included in their to-do lists are creating online advertisements and familiarization of the search optimization engine procedure to reach their intended customers. Ads must be able to relay a clear and concise message equipped with an ample amount of persuasion. Lead tracking, conversion rates, and marking click-throughs are also part of their duties.

Educational background

Being an eMarketing expert does not entail a specific degree although those who graduated with a major in communications or marketing have an edge over other applicants. This is considered as an entry-level career, but there are several certifications available for those who want to advance their positions, such as the DMA Marketing Professional.


While this is the type of work that can be completed autonomously, it also requires being a team player. Moreover, one must have a strong command of written outputs and content development abilities. Comprehension of basic marketing principles are highly important, plus organizational and strategic skills.

Income range

The average salary for this job is around $46,934, although those who work in larger firms typically earn more. There are plenty of freelance opportunities as well, in which compensations depend on varying aspects such as number of hours, period of contract, and scope of duties. As professionals gain more experience and designations, their pay will start to rise marginally, in accordance with other positions.