Many finance degree holders want to work for an accounting firm, bank, or insurance firm right after finishing their studies. But not everyone is lucky enough to land a glamorous finance job right away. While building up your qualifications and gaining more experience, here are some uncommon jobs that you may want to consider.

Analyst/Associate for Nonprofit Organizations. Nonprofit companies such as the Ford Foundation want to make a difference in the world by lending a hand. Although they do charitable works, they also need someone who has the capacity to manage the financial aspect of the firm.

Business Development. Those who aspire to flourish in the industry should have at least one sales-related job in his career. Definitely it is out of the finance graduates’ comfort zone. But it helps them understand the products and services most preferred by consumers. In today’s tougher competition, it pays to acquire and master business development skills. This is most especially important for closing deals.

Entrepreneurial Role / Startup Firm. Majority of startup companies fail within its first five years. Still, they can offer a distinct product or service that will be embraced in the market. If this option is on the table, one needs to perform different tasks simultaneously. Although this is somewhat taxing, working for a startup opens better opportunities.

Financial Analyst for a Government Office. A person can try his hand at a government office. Aside from experience and connections, one can gain credentials to eventually land on his dream job.

Finance Officer in the Army. The military offers educational assistance and guarantees employment after earning a degree. A financial officer is responsible for budgeting, contract management, and the like.

Teacher or volunteer. In some instances, entities allow delaying the employment start date to work for a nonprofit organization for a year or two. Besides, some well-known executives in the Wall Street used to be Peace Corps volunteers.