BlackRock Health Sciences Opportunities Portfolio Fund

Holdings: Boston Scientific, Celgene Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company, Medtronic, and UnitedHealth Group

Approximately 80% of the BlackRock Health Sciences Opportunities Portfolio Fund’s assets are venturing in the companies under health sciences and the healthcare sector that are in the business of researching on biotechnology and creating medical equipment, drugs, and supplies. With 0.91% expense ratio, the mutual fund has no load fees. Morningstar accorded the fund with a three-star rating for three- and five-year periods, and a five star-rating for the last 10 years.

The industry has exhibited strong performance as more people around the globe ages and seeks better medical products and services. Between 2005 and 2015, the fund has gained a Sharpe ratio of 0.99 and a median annual return of 14.48%.

Fidelity Select Retailing Portfolio

Holdings:, Home Depot, O’Reilly Automotive, Priceline Group, and TJX Companies

Primarily, the Fidelity Select Retailing Portfolio invests in the common equity of companies specializing in merchandising finished products and services to consumers. When choosing the domestic and foreign stocks to invest in, they employ fundamental analysis.

The mutual fund, with an expense ratio of 0.81%, has no load fees as well. As of November 2015, Morningstar has awaredd it with five stars for the three-, five-, and 10-year periods. Being a non-diversified fund, it ventures in consumer cyclical stocks.

T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund

Holdings:, International, LinkedIn, Tesla Motors, and Tencent Holdings

T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund normally invests more than 80% of its assets into common equities of firms capitalizing on developing, advancing, and using technology. The fund invests in domestic and foreign stocks, with 25% allocated for shares outside the United States.

Having no fees, the fund can be purchased commission-free through various investment brokers. With an expense ratio of 0.91%, Morningstar has given them five stars for the three-, five-, and 10-year time periods.